About the Agency

Founded May 1, 1972. The Vertich Agency is an independent agency specializing in employee benefits. The Agency offers group and individual medical, life, dental, vision, short and long term disability as well as many other supplemental products. The Vertich Agency also is a consultant for partially self-funded (level funded) group medical plans. In fact that is the specialty of the Agency. The agency is a MGA for several insurance carriers offering partially self-funded plans.In many instances we are kind of an insurance brokers broker. Over the years, the Vertich Insurance Agency has been the leading producer nationwide for a number of insurance carriers and partially self-funded plans.

The Agency provides products and services which provide large corporate style benefits for small to medium sized businesses in a very affordable program. The Vertich Agency’s professional and knowledgeable staff will help augment your human resources and payroll departments by providing benefits communication materials, full enrollment support and up-to-date compliance assistance.

Vertich Agency’s objective is to help you offer the most competitive benefits package to your employees by ensuring that each line of coverage (whether it is medical insurance or even vision benefits) is negotiated at the best possible quality and price with the best company. Meanwhile your payroll and HR personnel will see their time spent on benefits administration reduced. The Vertich Insurance Agency, Inc. affiliate Premium Management Services, Inc. provides a one source bill for all your lines of coverage. This helps your company to better manage and audit benefits expenses as well as manage enrollment.

The Vertich Agency’s product portfolio not only offers all the big well-known insurance companies, it includes many quality less-known companies which can be much more affordable. In addition the Vertich Agency offers a number of exclusive products which are not available through other agencies. These programs can offer better coverage, lower cost and/or easier participation requirements which, gives smaller employers access to programs that would otherwise not be possible to offer their employees.

About Our Staff

Mark Vertich

Mark Vetich is the founder and President of the Vertich entities and affiliates which was established in 1972. Mark is recognized as one of the premier specialist in Employee Benefit Group Insurance nationally. During Mark’s carrier he has been recognized by a number of insurance companies as their top national producing agent. Mark’s core specialties are employee benefit programs and has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable General agents in group partially self-funded (level funded) programs. This expertise also includes group supplements such as dental, disability, life, vision, and many other produces. Mark’s vision over the years has been to establish a supermarket of quality group products. Because of Mark’s expertise he has leveraged his knowledge and production to give smaller employers the ability to offer a complete package of large corporate-styled benefits. As a result, his clients enjoy many advantages by offering a full package of very competitive and quality priced benefits, which cannot be obtained by small businesses in the regular market place. One of the most important services the Vertich entities provide is the programs that allows the employer to provide personalized employee benefit programs and books for their employees, that comply with rules and regulations. This service can be used by brokers for their clients.

Jean Meddock


Jean Meddock is the Director of Administration and Client Services and has served over 35 years with the Vertich entities and affiliates. Jean is one of the most knowledgeable administrators in our industry due to her experience and expertise in insurance administrative management. Jean also assists clients with their policy needs, claims issues and other questions regarding their coverage and benefits. And our insurance carriers depend on her to do follow up and assist when needed. Jean has earned much praise over the years for excellent work, service, and caring from our insurance carriers and our clients.

Judy Hill

JJudy Hill is the comptroller for the Vertich entities and affiliates for over 18 years. Judy has an extensive knowledge and expertise as a comptroller and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in tax accounting. Judy manages and administrates one source client billing for Premium Management Services, Inc. Judy assists and administrates our clients one source billing along with their Section 125 and H S A programs. It is rare to find a comptroller with the expertise and knowledge in the employee benefit industry. Over the years our clients and insurance companies have praised her dedication, detail, expertise, guidance, and caring for them and their employee benefit programs.

Betty Alonso


Betty Alonso is the Director of Employer and Employee benefit information. This department prepares the employee benefit books, information and application packets for our brokers and clients. Betty works hard to keep these documents up to date. Betty is also responsible for group quotes and group presentations for our brokers and clients. Betty is fluent in Spanish and can prepare employee benefit books in Spanish. Betty can assist as an interpreter in employee meetings. Betty’s knowledge and experience is rare in this industry and with dedication and caring attitude our clients and insurance carriers have been impressed and appreciate her hard work. Betty has served with the Vertich entities and affiliates for over 17 years.