Customer Service

Vertich Insurance Agency’s full-time experienced staff can assist you with any questions, claims problems, and billing issues. Save yourself the hassle of calling an insurance company directly and call us instead – after all, we represent you and are happy to help. Believe it or not, 97% of problem situations are corrected with only one phone call to our office. And, in the event the insurance company should need to be called, we are happy to do this for you. When you hire new employees, our field agents will come to your location. They will provide your custom made employee benefit book, application packet, fully explain all benefits, and enroll your new employees; Besides being helpful it also reduces employer liability.

Proficient Consulting

At the Vertich Insurance Agency, we are always available to review and evaluate individual insurance and Employer-Sponsored Benefit (Group Insurance) Programs. We will astutely prepare bidding specs to insurers. We will also evaluate the quotes received as well as insurance companies to help you determine which programs will best meet your needs. We also analyze ways to control your cost increase trends, which can be implemented without decreasing the quality of your coverage.

Professional Enrollment Service

Our team of professional enrollers is here to assist with you making your insurance enrollment a significant opportunity to build upon employee satisfaction. Employers value the guidance that we are able to provide to increase employees understanding of benefits and provide notices in the benefit books so you maintain compliance with state and federal requirements, and to reduce your staff’s administrative burden. We will go to any location – local, state, or national.

Premium Management Services

Through Premium Management Services, we are able to bill for multiple insurance companies and plans to optimize your benefits program. We will consolidate all of your insurance programs and bills into one easy-to-understand bill (one source bill). The employer writes one check for all companies and plans.

Section 125 / Cafeteria Plans

We offer administration of tax-free, section 125 / Cafeteria Plans. We can provide all plan documents for both employer and employee with absolutely no administration or service fees for clients who purchase employee benefits from the Vertich Insurance Agency.

COBRA Administration

We provide COBRA service and administration.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)

Health Savings Accounts offer a unique opportunity to provide more cost effective health coverage. This program can lower taxes by allowing a 100% “above the line” tax deduction when paying for out-or –pocket medical, dental or vision expenses. It also rewards prudent people, who use their health plan wisely, with the chance to use the money in a H S A for retirement. For Employees or dependents with extensive medical or prescription bills, H S A has a much lower out of pocket expense compared to traditional PPO co-pay plans. Best of all anyone under age 65 can fully participate in this program, including those with high incomes. If you have a medical bill, you write off your expense dollar one above the line. The Vertich Insurance Agency offers complete administration of H S A’s and Premium Management Services can include on the one source bill a pay roll deduction for the H S A account and deposit the deduction into your bank account.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA’s)

Health Reimbursement Arrangements can allow the Employer to cover group medical benefits at a lower cost than purchasing a low deductible major medical plan. At plan year end, there is ALWAYS some funds left in the HRA account. You can allow employees to take any unused HRA funds and roll it over from one year to the next. This can promote the concept of not spending all funds are yearend which we call, it a use it or lose it basis instead of saving up for a big claim should it occur. The advantage of an HRA is that it substantially reduces employer cost while increasing benefits for employees.

Partially Self-Funded (Level Funded) Group Insuracnce

Partially self-funded group medical plans are governed by ERISA law which was established in 1974. Basically these plans have much better benefits and much lower cost than the traditional fully insured plans. And best of all if the claims are decent, the Employer can receive a refund of up to approximately 42% of the annual premiums. The Vertich Insurance Agency is one of the most knowledgeable group insurance consultants in the nation. The vast experience of the Vertich Agency associates in partial self-funding has made us one of the most sought after agencies by Employers as well as insurance companies. Our plans can write employer groups of 5+ enrolled employees to any size group. We have no employee participation percentage we must meet and the employer contribution is not required at the same level of the traditional group medical plans. On average, the partially self-funded group major medical plans are 15+% lower than the traditional group major medical plans.